5 Mrs Jyoti David Hon.Director
 Dear Friends ,

Greetings to you from Covenantmatrimonial.

I am happy to bring forward in action a Concern and burden which has initiated us to start this Website. is an online platform for Christ Centered Christian Matrimony (match making) and marital counseling. The Website offers online matrimonial services to single men and women   who believe and accept Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Along with that, it gives prospective brides and grooms counseling services to ensure that they stay happily married. The website also provides spiritual assistance and support for couples to develop healthy, stable and enriching relationship with each other.

The main objective of this initiative is to build network among churches ,organizations and other Christian institutions and connect eligible singles who are seriously intending to get married. Through this website ,we want to bring them together on a virtual place, where one could prayerfully choose his/her life  partner and stay in the Covenant of Marriage and enjoy God’s blessing thereafter.

Unlike other matrimonial sites that are business oriented and complicated, this site is launched as a ministry and its features are very simple and user friendly.

We strongly believe and encourage the teachings of equality ,love, humility and respect that are the pillars of a marriage. We want to affirm that this website does not abet the giving or taking of dowry. So, also as we are all one in Jesus Christ, we want to encourage the beneficiaries to look beyond the barriers of  Caste ,Creed and Color in choosing  a perfect mate for their life.  At the same time ,we respect you having your own preferences and choices that match your  credentials ,living standards ,family values and culture.

It’s our earnest desire that this initiative will turn out to be a blessing to many in and around North India.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our office through email ,phone or post.

Mrs Jyoti David(Co-Director)
Ph:- 9456700625, 8218599260

(Mrs. Jyoti David is an Ex-Convent teacher who  from  past 18 years has been associated with Churches and Social organizations  in Uttarakhand towards Counseling and teaching. A trained Counselor ,she is also  writing a book called “Understanding Marriage and Overcoming it’s Hurdles”)





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